Airtouch promotes wellness in the workplace, enabling users to change their working positions from seated to standing.

Akira Table

The Akira Table is height adjustable, mobile, and easily nests when not in use. This highly crafted table rises to the challenge of any active space.

Alight Tables

Alight Tables by turnstone anchor reception areas and bring modern style to office lounge spaces.


Answer fence, beam and panel system furniture offer a range of applications, aesthetics, technology integration and privacy, optimizing creativity and performance.

Au Lait Table

The unique base and contemporary design of the Au Lait Table by Coalesse is carefully blended with versatile mobility to effortlessly adapt to a variety of spaces.

Await Table

Await Table by Coalesse is a freestanding mobile table crafted with clean, simple lines that provides a contemporary workspace for collaborative settings.

B-Free Tables

B-Free tables provide a new aesthetic in open and enclosed creative, nomadic and social settings.

Ballet Table

The Ballet Table by Coalesse is crafted with graceful lines and in a range of sizes for a beautiful and functional solution to training and conference room spaces.

Bassline Tables

Bassline tables by turnstone bring a unique look to any space. Choose from standard offerings or make a statement by adding your own custom top for a truly one-of-a-kind table.


With sleek lines, great accessories and built-in modularity, Bivi by turnstone grows with you, making it easy to add tables or rearrange your space in minutes.

Bix Table

Crafted to integrate seamlessly into collaborative offices and work environments, Bix Tables and Side Tables by Coalesse support the many needs of the modern workplace.

Blu Dot

Blu Dot is a Minneapolis-based designer and maker of modern furnishings, spanning multiple home and office categories. Blu Dot’s full product portfolio is available through the Steelcase partnership. Products are available in the U.S. and Canada.

Bob Table

Bob Tables by Coalesse are distinct side tables that seamlessly fuse contemporary style and elegance.


The c:scape modular office workstation is a freestanding desking system with built-in office storage, perfect for both open plan and private offices.

Campfire Big Table

Inspired by residential kitchens, Campfire Big Table by turnstone draws people together and anchors your space.

Campfire Paper Table

Campfire Paper Table by turnstone, is topped with a giant stack of paper, so you can just load up your thoughts, rip it off and start over the next day.

Campfire Personal Table

Work anywhere with turnstone’s mobile Campfire Personal Table. With a work surface large enough for your laptop, this modern table works as hard as you do.

Campfire Skate Table

Inspired by smooth-rolling skateboard wheels, Skate Table by turnstone allows you to pull tasks and technology close while working in a lounge setting.tication for the way you work.

Campfire Slim Table

The perfect complement to any lounge setting, Campfire Slim Table by turnstone provides space to get organized, and a discreet power outlet makes it easy to stay fully charged all day long.

Campfire Standing Height Slim Table

With clean lines and a modern style, Campfire Standing Slim Table brings functionality and performance to any space. A versatile design, shallow width to maximize real estate and power options, Slim Table’s versatile design creates inviting and practical settings.

CG_1 Table

The fine, high-quality craftsmanship of the line of the CG_1 Table by Coalesse brings sophistication and style to the workplace.

Circa Table

Available in different styles to suit a variety of spaces, designer Circa Tables by Coalesse are a unique way to add definition to an environment.

Coffee Table CH008

Simple. Elegant. Refined. The Coffee Table CH008 by Coalesse exemplifies the perfection that is a Hans Wegner design.


Context is a freestanding furniture system designed specifically to support knowledge work.


Convene meeting tables and conference room furniture create a beautiful, durable, high-end space that reflects the essence of your brand.


Currency is a contemporary desk system designed to work as a stand-alone product or work with other systems.

Denizen Table

Seamlessly blending design and mobile functionality, the Denizen line of worksurfaces and tables by Coalesse supports collaborative and social workstyles.

Diekman Table

Diekman Table by Coalesse is a crafted sculptural piece that brings definition, grace, and refinement to office environments and waiting spaces.

Dining Table CH327

The designer Dining Table CH327 by Coalesse is the carefully crafted embodiment of grace and timeless, enduring style.

E-Table 2

The designer E-Table 2 by Coalesse effortlessly integrates the technology needs of contemporary workspaces with the demand for aesthetically appealing pieces.

Elective Elements

Elective Elements is a freestanding office workstation designed to address the changing workspace requirements in today’s private and open-plan office environments.

EMU Heaven Table

EMU Heaven Table by Coalesse is crafted with durable metal mesh in an ethereal, airy design for a contemporary feel.

EMU Ivy Table

The clean lines and minimal aesthetic of EMU Ivy Tables by Coalesse brings the inspiration of nature into the office.

EMU Kira Tables

Simple yet sophisticated, the EMU Kira tables from Coalesse will inspire outdoor gatherings of all kinds.

EMU Pattern Table

Uniquely designed to exude an airy, whimsical feel, EMU Pattern Tables by Coalesse seamlessly adapt to indoor and outdoor applications.

EMU Round Table

Available in a range of heights and shapes, EMU Round Tables by Coalesse use a simple, contemporary design to create inviting spaces.

Enea Lottus Table

Designer Enea Lottus Tables by Coalesse are crafted to evoke a sculptural feel while retaining clean, simple lines for seamless integration into any space.

Enea Table

Available in varying heights and shapes, the full collection of Enea Tables by Coalesse create desirable spaces for offices, cafés, or conference rooms.


The Exchange table provides an impromptu place for clinicians to gather, share and connect.


FlexFrame workwall is designed to create high-performance workspaces — from private offices to open group settings. Configured with functional surfaces and modular components, FlexFrame brings together storage, organization and built-in technology.


Flexible and adaptable, FrameOne supports a wide range of work styles, adding versatility to any work environment.


Garland casegoods offer elegant, affordable, transitional style with an array of options and a versatile product offering.

Glass Coffee Table CH108

Designed to be the focal point of a room, the Glass Coffee Table CH108 by Coalesse is the ideal contemporary piece to anchor your space.


Groupwork tables and visual worktools promote open thinking from project rooms to café spaces, and anywhere in between.

Holy Day Table

Holy Day Table by Coalesse effortlessly makes a statement in any space due to its clean lines, simple structure and high quality craftsmanship.

Host Table

Host Table by Coalesse elevates conference rooms to a new level of contemporary refinement and technological capabilities.


Impact is a flexible, distinctive casegoods system that offers an exceptional combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Jenny Tables

Available in a modern or classic style, the Jenny Coffee and Side Table by turnstone is crafted to look beautiful in any collaborative office environment or lounge space.


Kick is a furniture system that offers simplicity through form, function and price to satisfy the demands of today’s customer. Kick offers a range of applications to meet these challenges today, and the choices to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Lagunitas Table

Designed with a range of human work postures in mind, Lagunitas Table by Coalesse encourages a comfortable work experience in collaborative and private settings.


Mackinac re-envisions the workplace and helps people move, think and feel better by supporting the range of activities leaders and their teams do throughout the day—all in a compact footprint.


media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for a greater collaborative work environment and more productivity than ever before.


Migration height-adjustable desk allows employees to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and physical activity and promoting wellbeing in individual and group workspaces.

Millbrae Table

Millbrae Table by Coalesse is the perfect combination of refinement and contemporary design.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Started in 2003, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Contract is a division of 28-year-old home furnishings brand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Select Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams products are available through the Steelcase partnership. Products are available in the U.S. and Canada.

Montara650 Table

Montara650’s power ready pedestal tables by Coalesse pair with sculpted seating, tailored the way you want it. Simple. Social. Refined.


Ology height-adjustable desks support the physiology and biology of workers and encourage a more health-conscious environment.

Ology Bench

Ology height-adjustable benches support the physiology and biology of workers in any health-conscious work environment regardless of size, layout or footprint.

Overbed Tables

Overbed tables support consultation, collaboration and a host of tasks and activities in healthcare facilities.

Passerelle Table

Solid, sturdy, and useful in a range of environments, Passerelle Table by Coalesse clearly demonstrates refined design and adaptability.


Payback is the all-in-one casegood solution that works hard in any setting.

Payback Tables

Payback is the all-in-one casegood solution that works hard in any setting.

Post & Beam

Post and Beam is an architectural framework that allows you to configure a range of work environments.


A better way to work together. Potrero415 by Coalesse is a refreshing antidote to the conventional conference-room.

Reunion Table

Reunion Table by Coalesse is a highly functional worksurface crafted to suit the demands of modern classrooms, conference spaces and training areas.

Runner Table

The diverse family of worksurfaces in the Runner Table line finds a home in training and conference settings, classrooms, and collaborative spaces.


ScapeSeries is a small table, incorporating power outlets enabling, users to easily charge all mobile devices. It can be associated with media:scape technology, which allows easy connection and screen and data sharing.

Sebastopol Table

The collaboration opportunities are endless with the interactive, sculptural designs of Sebastopol Table by Coalesse.

Series 3

Ergonomists recommend adjustment throughout the day to address the stress and strain of intense computing activity. The Series 3 table can be easily raised or lowered to an optimal height, providing employees with a healthy workspace.

Series 5

Today’s approach to workplace health is all about movement. Height-adjustable tables, such as Series 5, deliver the motion that help to bring health to workers and the workplace.

Series 7

The Series 7 height-adjustable table delivers a complete range of ergonomic postural benefits by allowing employees to sit or stand at their whim without disturbing others, maximizing comfort and productivity.

Series Bench

Series Bench offers a variety of workspace applications to fit the unique needs various workers. With integrated height-adjustability, power and data access, and wire management, Series Bench easily adapts to each user’s workstyle needs.

Sidewalk Storage + Table

Sidewalk Storage and Sidewalk Table by Coalesse are crafted with storage, style, and easy mobility in mind.

Simple Tables

Simple Tables reconfigure effortlessly, allowing you to rearrange your space for work or play.

Soft Leaf Table

Soft Leaf Table by Coalesse is a contemporary piece that functions as an occasional table, coffee table, or playful focal point.

SW_1 Table

Crafted with equal parts intelligent design and beauty, SW_1 Conference Table and SW_1 Occasional Table by Coalesse welcome you to collaborative and social settings.

Switch Table

Switch Table by Coalesse complements any space with its clean, contemporary design and high quality craftsmanship.


Designed to support clinicians in action, Sync workstations facilitate collaboration between colleagues, connection to patients and access to the technologies and information vital to quality care.

Tour Workspace

Tour Bench by turnstone makes collaboration and solo work easy, with built-in data routing, power, and available accessories like light and storage.

Train Table

With smooth mobility, simple storage capabilities, and integrated technology, Train Table by Coalesse is the ultimate training room worksurfaces.

Trees Table

Trees Table by Coalesse are unique pieces that add interest and playfulness to contemporary office environments.


Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture including tables, whiteboards, and instructor lectern and desk stations designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles.

Verb Active Media Table

With a mobile monitor lift, Verb Active Media Table supports monitors being raised and lowered to meet the changing needs of a classroom.


Walden offers contemporary styling interpreted in a clean, simple aesthetic and great value.


Walkstation is a treadmill desk that lets you walk comfortably, burn calories, feel healthier and more energized … all while accomplishing the work you normally do seated.