Office Trends

Duo Studio

Creative Spaces

Work spaces should be designed to support the needs of individuals and teams as they move through the different stages of the creative process.

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Learning Spaces

Classrooms can engage and inspire when control of the learning space is put in the hands of students and instructors.

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Specialty Zone


A WorkCafé can be a dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work, and their organization.

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Office Research

The Creative Shift

Contrary to popular myth, creativity isn’t about a “Eureka!” moment that happens among truly brilliant people. Creative work is a process in which everyone can engage, if the conditions are right.

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Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue

Fostering creativity and innovation requires a new strategy that might take some business leaders by surprise—a rigorous focus on organizational and employee wellbeing. In addition to the focus on employee health factors such as obesity, smoking cessation and exercise, many organizations are also focused on workplace ergonomics to prevent injury.

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Steelcase 360 Magazine - Inside Innovation

Learn. Experiment. Create. These are the essential ingredients necessary to solve today’s complex problems. Yet, so many organizations struggle to achieve this mindset. What can you do to inspire this shift?

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